Hamish Scott


At Buchenwald, the Nazi camp,
whan cam the en o Warld Weir Twa,
the gairds Almane turnt Rooshian
an thaim wis captive chynged an aa
Whare fowk haed dree’d thair wrangus guilt,
an Almane sodgers thoosans kilt,
thare five year mae fowk guidit sair;
thare Rooshians kilt thoosans mair
Yit Buchenwald Almane is kent
an murn’d warld-wide for whit wis fun;
whare Buchenwald while Rooshian
no monie kens an few laments
Whit maks this sae we aa maun speir
or Buchenwalds made new maun fear

Copyright © Hamish Scott 2015


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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