Carolyn O’Hara


Golden beams comfort
hard edged hills
and sprinkle sparkles
on stripy blue water.
Buoys bob and bounce
nudging waves against
hull and jetty.
Jubilant voices
skip as the air holds its breath.

But over distant hills
mist encroaches,
pinching pleasure,
stealing smiles,
greying the blue
as a tide of metal
edges in.
Windows close.
Jackets zip.
Movements freeze.
Mirth melts away.

Copyright © Carolyn O’Hara 2015

I live in Prestwick with my husband, and we have two grown up daughters. I have always had a love of the written word but only took up writing a few years ago when I joined AYR WRITERS’ CLUB and was encouraged to be adventurous. Since then I have had seventeen articles published, as well as four short stories.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Carolyn O’Hara

  1. glennersgirl says:

    Great images, really gives the feel of the weather change 🙂

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