Byron Beynon: Two poems

The Heron

The heron sieves the water
with his eyes,
eliminates the trick of light,
side-glances this porous territory
where he resides,
a watchman
wading the feeding grounds
for his quota each day,
standing still,
concentrating on
the wrinkled flow beneath him;
his true shore
drifting home the long way
where borders pass
under strange skies,
his eddy mirrored and sculpted
in a resolute conduit.

The River

Turner’s eyes would also
have seen this sliding,
muscular power,
the tumbling of light
onto a brassy,
slap of river.
The old and new converge here,
footholds of history,
the sinking mud and the arresting
work which never ends,
but stretches out
glowing with exhaustion.
A shimmering swell
on a journey of great weight,
the onlooking spiral
giddy with reassuring spirit.

Copyright © Byron Beynon 2016

Byron Beynon’s most recent collection is The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions).


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2 Responses to Byron Beynon: Two poems

  1. Yes indeed. I particularly liked ‘The River’

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