J M Brown

“Off the streets I dream of Spring”

Late into the night the inmates arrived.
six of them, high- heel booted, short skirted, giggling.
The girls were put into the cell next to mine
Cherry blossom, pink as a maiden’s blush.

Within the hour the first of many visitors appeared,
rewarded the smiling jailor, chose a young girl
and took her into a vacant cell.
swaying like candy floss in the warm spring breeze.

Throughout the night assorted men arrived
paid the piper and called the tune.
A sudden gust, swirls a blizzard of pink confetti
By morning the six girls had gone. The trees bowing for applause.

Copyright © J M Brown 2016

Born in Glencraig Fife at the end of the 2nd World War,  After many years of drifting and working, James returned to Scotland. Once retired he began to write things. Some have been published as poems and articles and with the help of Citadel playwrights performed on stage by professionals. Still married with three children and four grandchildren.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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1 Response to J M Brown

  1. An intriguing poem, Jim. I like the continuing images of spring and “pinkness”

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