Carolyn Patricia Richardson


Falco tinnunculus hovers
Eye reflecting blue grey of this hunting ground
Sharp delineation of field and hedge

Kestrel flies high up over peaks and fells
Scafell, Blencathra, Skiddaw
Espies little prey here, too late for lambs
No fallen deer, a few trembling hares holed up

Kestrel flies
Eye reflects brown of disappearing quarry
Flies up streets flowing, down into the town
Flies beyond smooth blue calm to sights of broken bridges
Lakes and streams conflated
Separations by field hedge
Rubbed out, lake on land

Kestrel lands on statue in Cockermouth
Surveys all
Dips into the teeming waters
While a child reaches to save a loved doll
Dripping day by day
Washes out Christmas.

Copyright © Carolyn Patricia Richardson 2016

Carolyn’s pamphlet, Scots’ Rock, is being launched tomorrow (13th February) by Red Squirrel Press in the Scottish Poetry Library at 1pm.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Carolyn Patricia Richardson

  1. Talia Hardy says:

    a few trembling hares holed up, engaging line and strong imagary

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