Neil Slevin

The Ticking Clock
Your microscopic heart stopped beating
like a clock forgetting the time.
I wasn’t even there,
was I ever?

Do you watch us in judgement or pity?
Do you look and think, “I had a lucky escape”?
Are you nameless and wandering
like both of us now?

Are you happy, sad,
loved, hated;
all those things that we are,
or at least could be

in this mess called life
that we took away from you,
because we were too young – too foolish – too drunk
on reality?

Reality bites,
drags me back to the present,
to thoughts of what I have done,
should have done and need to do.

I wonder what and where you are,
who you could have been,
then I do for me
(still oh-so-selfishly).

What have I become,
what will become
of me?

The clock is ticking.

Copyright © Neil Slevin 2016

Neil Slevin is a 26 year-old writer from Co. Leitrim, Ireland. A former English teacher in the U.K., having graduated with a B.Sc. in Physical Education with English from the University of Limerick in 2011, he has returned to university to complete an M.A. in Writing at N.U.I. Galway and to pursue a writing-based career. His work has been published by The Galway Review and various American journals.


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3 Responses to Neil Slevin

  1. aine ni mhaoileoin says:

    Love it. We’re debating here over its meaning.

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