Andrew McLean

It Is The Room My Husband Never Enters

It is the room my husband never enters-
Not an erotic euphemism,
An actual room in which
He also shows no interest.
It is just as well.
Within the room is my grandmother’s shawl
Which she wore when she crossed.
Crossed everything and everywhere-
The ocean, herself, the afterlife.
Here is our only child’s
Disassembled cradle.  Her third-grade diorama,
Her (my) flute, her (our) old cat’s collar.
It is the room that rarely experiences light,
Memories absorbed into the wallpaper,
Happiness into the faded drapery.
It is the room where I now sit
And prefer to remain.

Copyright © Andrew McLean 2016

Andy McLean is a psychiatrist and published poet


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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