Kim Peter Kovac


I wonder what you wear for the fire,
for the immolation, the cremation –
a suit or dress? A shroud? Nothing?

What does it mean if your burial
costume is embalmed versus
being burned up with you?

Do the cremains look different
depending on the fabric,
synthetic versus natural?

And how do we dress what remains,
what is the proper ritual following,
after all that we lost in the fire?


There’s a threshold between asleep
and awake, where the dark and still
segue into the dark and walking,
unguided movement treading the sound
of maps underfoot and overhead, stories
in song-gusts: percussive, wordless, lyrical.

Copyright © Kim Peter Kovac
Kim Peter Kovac tells stories on stages as producer of new plays for young audiences and tells stories in various styles of writing in print and on-line in journals from Australia, India, Dubai (UAE), England, and the USA.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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