Hamish Scott – Four short poems

A deid-bell caas

The graffsum lown the quatit waes
The mirkie licht the murnin claes
The dowie smirr the tears that faas
Sum ither warld a deid-bell caas

The dowie days

Aa thing is lanesum, droukit, cauld,
aa thing is thowless, hertless, auld,
aa thing is licht i sinnrie grays,
for aa maun thole the dowie days


Lown is niver absent,
here aye;
thare for ilka bodie,
aa wey


A guid while syne yer reekin wis yer deid
A beuk o yers A hae is still reek-rife
That smeekie that it’s like as ye ir here
The reekin kilt ye than nou gies ye life

Copyright © Hamish Scott 2016

Hamish Scott writes poetry and prose in Scots and English. His poems in Scots are available in collections from The Laverock’s Nest Press – www.laverocks-nest-press.com


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