Edwin Stockdale

Layers of Narcissus

Spring, 1553

Lady Mary Grey,
small for age.
Her mother, Frances, Duchess
of Suffolk, tells her
she’s betrothed
to a middle-aged man,
Lord Grey of Wilton.
his face maimed
by a Scottish pike.

Aged eight,
Mary returns
to play
with her two dolls:
one has a gown
of crimson,
the other velvet white.
She strokes
the narcissus-shaded fabric.

Copyright © Edwin Stockdale 2016

Edwin Stockdale is the author of Aventurine, a pamphlet published by Red Squirrel Press in September 2014.  He lives in Leeds, works as an SEN Teacher, and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham.

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1 Response to Edwin Stockdale

  1. seraphimin says:

    Ooh! He’s GOOD!! Great stuff Edwin! 😀

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