Sharon Larkin

Snail on a razor blade

She has a penchant for life on the edge,

her abode never quite fixed, travels light,

takes the refuge of last resort –

her fragile, backpack-bivouac.

Soon crushed, her soft flesh oozes

with the invitation to abuse.

He’s a sharp customer, edgy,

ever-ready to slice a nemesis

apart with his ever-present shiv.

Their meeting seems inevitable.

She slinks herself along the length

of his blade. It slits. She feels herself

split. This is self-harm par-excellence.

Her whole body’s on the line.

Copyright © Sharon Larkin 2016

Sharon Larkin’s poetry has been widely published in magazines, on-line and in anthologies (Cinnamon, Indigo Dreams  and Eyewear). She is chair of Cheltenham Arts Council and Hon Sec of Cheltenham Poetry Society, and blogs at Coming up with the Words

About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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