John Quinn


Up there are seven heavens.
Blue skies are jolly
with lashings of good cheer and cream
like the Famous Five going down to Devon.

Yellow is unrelated and gets away
with not really being yellow
but has that vitamin and is absolved
of a multitude of sins like causing cancer.

White is fluffy like cotton wool
and ‘fluffy’ is a word nobody
can say a bad word about
except for flying chauvinist pigs.

Silver complements rivers
and is just a rung below gold after all,
but since it’s like rivers
it has different issues.

Red is beautiful like truth
but gets a bad press
with all that mornings and warnings stuff
and frightening fluffy sheep.

Grey is complicated and lives on the edge,
with areas of the zeitgeist which
has spawned Celebrity Culture where
like the Middle East we await solution.

But the seventh is a felon to catch.
Undefinable beyond dark,
it lurks like a Freudian slip
and no one knows when it will appear.

Copyright © John Quinn 2016

I am an ex-teacher and persistent Dundonian previously published in Poetry Scotland, Northwords Now, Southlight, South Bank, Dundee Writes and Poet and Geek. I have performed Slam Poetry on the Stanza Festival  but like the Scotland football team didn’t progress to the later stages.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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