Stephen Daniels

The man who had three arms

Used the first to lift his heavily medicated problems
The second allowed him to hold his children
The third arm departed while he was sleeping

The man who had three legs

When running, often found himself tripping
Whilst standing, never lost balance with his tripod-like stance
Needed more space than others when sitting crossed-legged

The man who had three ears

Listened carefully to sounds that escaped others mouths
Heard many opinions simultaneously
Rarely said what others thought

The man who had three eyes

Used one eye to pretend to read the news
Moved the second, middle eye, independently to frighten young children
Fixed the third eye firmly on your position

The man who had three cheeks

Turned the first one
Then the second
He thrust his third into your face

The man who had three lungs

Breathed deeper with his first breath
Exposed the volume in his chest with a second
Exhaled for the rest of this life

Copyright © Stephen Daniels 2016

Stephen Daniels is the editor of Amaryllis Poetry (  His poems has been published in numerous magazines and websites, including The Interpreter’s House, Ink Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems, The Fat Damsel. You can find out more at @stephendaniels

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  1. Stephen Kirk Daniels says:

    Reblogged this on Stephen Kirk Daniels and commented:
    My poem ‘Excess’ has been published today on the brilliant ‘The Open Mouse’ website.
    Please take a look… it’s a bit unusual (all the lines start with capital letters for one – that must be a first!).

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