Rosie Mapplebeck

Beltane feast

Its May. The beacon of Beltane’s past has burnt away
Daylight stretches out, making fourteen hours’ work a welcome norm and
Salad crops invested in every shovelful of mud surround

Orange Tips appear, to flicker over a Lady’s Smock and caress
Broccoli flowers, white as maiden’s gowns
Cuckoo and chiffchaff chant in desert tongues

Around the roof-slates, blued by bright sky, hum a thousand Mason bees
Mud-nested, infested pollen-sticky rivals for apple’s bounty
Thriving well while honeybees dwindle although fed

Prizing every crack, glueing any slack
Stabilising fractured homes and our broken
Landscapes, Nature heals our tears

From pond-weeds emerge minute frogs, fresh and brightly skinned
From piles of paving slabs come quick-sided newts, tails lashing
From new-leafed hedgerows tender nestlings wobble, waiting to be led

Garden store box, wooden sheds secrete curves of woven mosses, enclosing
Wee wrens who will sing away our winter woes while
The spirits of incoming Africa chatter solar praise through clear azure day.

Copyright © Rosie Mapplebeck 2016

Rosie’s poetry has been published by Glasgow Review of Books, Poetry Scotland, Fairacre Press and in both ‘Lonely’ and ‘Love’: and Word on the Streets magazine. She hosts live literary events in Ayr and takes story walks round Ayrshire. She is presently creating a heritage trail for Ayr.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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