Simon Cockle

Bag for Life

Now, I ask of you:
what kind of life
is measured in bags?

Forced into a boot
without ceremony,
between jump leads
and a spare tyre jack?
Or ten years of trips
to the out-of-town store
until torn by the spines
of a never-used pineapple?

Folded neatly in half
and found under my death-bed
the morning they cleared
the house for the last time

or crushed at the foot
of a ravine as the Sun
engulfs the Earth
at the very end of Time –

its atoms already
merging with stardust?
Is this the life we imagine,
together, when you offer me

this bag?

Copyright © Simon Cockle 2016

I am a poet from Hertfordshire, writing as part of Poetry ID, a Stanza of the Poetry Society.  My poems have been published in iOTA, the London Progressive Journal and Pantheon Magazine, amongst others.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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