Linda Atterton


You had been away too long

You ordered cake and coffee
I remember telling you
I like my cake without the cream
As we ate from the same plate
As we let the world go by
Too locked into each other’s eyes
Too busy melting into one
To care if it was latte or Americano
As long as we could stay there lost
As long as I could make you mine

I asked if they were fighting
Or simply making friends
I remember you said trust you
To think off that
But knew exactly what I meant
The butterflies captured in the photo
To me were you and I
If you and I had all the time in the world
Instead of having to change back
To go our separate ways

If we could have that time again
I would ask you this
How long does a butterfly live for?
You would say why does it matter
Hear the question I cocooned
How much time do we have
For catching trains
For goodnights that turn into bad
The second you are gone
To not be butterflies

To need no for

Copyright © Linda Atterton 2016

Linda Atterton lives in Norfolk, misses Scotland in too many ways, without the wings to fly. She is the author of ‘Running On Sand.’


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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