Louisa Campbell



…you won’t see him,
sidling up at the bus stop,
faceless in the shadows,
stealing snippets.


You won’t notice him
scribbling silently
beneath a black umbrella
in the slanting rain.


Later – maybe years later –
you will turn a page
and a line, or a phrase will
startle you
with its truth.


You will never know
that thought was yours
all along.


Copyright © Louisa Campbell 2016


Louisa Campbell is a product of a weird religious upbringing, happily married (third time around) mother of two children, who hangs around English spa towns. A psychiatric nurse in the past, she now has a bizarre illness that makes her unemployable, so she writes and adopts stray dogs. She has realised that life is silly, but important, and she is very happy about that. She is currently working on a book of short stories and a poetry collection. She tweets from @Snugglebunks.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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