Mariam Kadhim

Bitter Gourd

There is a plant
called Bitter Gourd
it’s goblin green and wild

in smoothies
dare you blend it in?
it’s anything but mild!

in market stalls
you’ll find it where
the ordinary never lean

– by ratabunga,
hairy boks,
and mini auberzines

There are some folk
with radiant skin
their numbers are unplenty

who do not fear
the gnarly things
they eat them by the twenty!

their eyes are bright
their teeth are sharp
their legs, you can’t ignore

to mouths agape
they shrug and say,
“according to the lore…

…he who gobbles
Bitter Gourd
will be tall and strong as trees…

…and what is more
their foul taste
will quickly start to please”

So will this knowledge
take you where
the shamrock green food grows

Will you eat it with your friends tonight?

Or feed it to your foes?

Copyright © Mariam Kadhim 2017

I’m Mariam Kadhim: a twenty something aspiring French language teacher of Iraqi heritage. Scotland is where I live, study, read, and write.


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  1. donredwood says:

    fried with indian spices – delicious!

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