Anna-May Laugher

A Shot at the Gorge

Animals come softly to the brinks,
kiss their mirror images and slake.

Water carries water, pool to pool,
sucks at cave walls, paints, ebbs,
then switches to its proper course.

Boy, respectful, skims and sips.
He tastes the mountain’s heart in it.

Other than breath
he is soundless,
no creature runs from him.

His father blunders down the rocks
more armed and furious than brave.

He loathes the wilderness,
stumbles over grace.
Both teach him his awkwardness.

Boy, strong, balletic,
carries away his father’s kill.

Boy strokes the fallow’s neck
before the dig, the filling in,
the slow-build of a pebble cairn.

Copyright © Anna-May Laugher 2017

Anna-May Laugher’s work has been widely anthologised in titles including Poetry and All that Jazz, Three Drops from a cauldron and Sophie Hannah’s The Poetry of Sex.  Online her poems have been featured on ‘Amaryllis’, ‘And other poems’, and ‘Ink, Sweat and Tears’. Her first pamphlet will be published by new press Luminous Road in May 2017.


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One Response to Anna-May Laugher

  1. Antoinette says:

    So very interesting. I’ve enjoyed reading your piece AnnaMay.

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