Ricky Garni


Shari was a  puppeteer on television in 1963
and she had an adorable puppet named LAMB CHOP
who could scrunch up his face in a really cute way and

also a puppet named CHARLIE HORSE who was also cute
and mischievous too and when I watched Shari and Lamb Chop
and Charlie Horse I felt like they were all my friends

but Shari was not just my friend Shari was so pretty and
Shari’s voice was so beautiful I wanted her to be my wife
and I figured we could live in a small cabin with pretty green

fields and corn growing everywhere near the cabin where
Lassie and her family lived and they could be our neighbors
and we could have bonfires and roast weenies on bonfires

but when 1964 came it was an election year, and
election night, and on that night everyone wondered
who would be President: would it be Lyndon B Johnson

or would it be Barry Goldwater and the television station
took all the old Shari and Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse
tapes and everything they did on those tapes and put them into

their television taping machines and taped that long night
that seemed to last forever with the Shari and Lamb Chop
tapes but when the night ended Lyndon B Johnson won and

he was very happy and later he would do some good things and
some bad things too and Barry Goldwater lost and he was sad
but he was also pretty scary and if you look closely at that

tape you can see Barry Goldwater saying I am sorry I lost
and it is so loud you can barely hear him but Shari, my wife,
she was so beautiful back then that you can practically still

see her on tape behind Barry and look what she’s doing
she’s kissing Lamb Chop right on the lips and Lamb Chop
is blushing and saying awww and Barry Goldwater is saying

awww too and things would never been the same again
for me or for Lamb Chop or for Barry Goldwater or for

Lassie or the pretty green fields or corn or anybody
else I ever knew or met or wished I had met and loved
and loved and loved

Copyright © Ricky Garni 2017

Ricky Garni was born in Miami and grew up in Florida and Maine. He works as a graphic designer by day and writes music by night. COO, a tiny collection of short prose printed on college lined paper with found materials such as coins, stamps and feathers, was recently released by Bitterzoet Press.


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One Response to Ricky Garni

  1. carole925 says:

    I used to like Shari and Lamb Chop too.

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