Harrison Abbott

By Daylight

Where is the violence?
It never leaves, far,
Beyond our approach
Or settled eyes,
Wavering in the loom.

How we spread our
Droopy tiredness
And liven our horror
By daylight.

Each inquisition
Alters chronology like
None other, and other
Blood-tricks are less
Astonishing by the grave.

Yet the visions are
Always mingled by
Breath’s whiteness
Via the cold.

And shocked angles
By wind hustle
Flags and eyelash
Alike versus heat.

There are no armies;
Wars are only anonymous
And stunned by currency;
Pledged by the presence
Of each victim’s mind.

And yet history
Spells its lines by
Each dander in pain.

And the foul men
Have loftier tombstones
To shackle thus
Your loser’s worth.

Copyright © Harrison Abbott 2017

I study and write in Aberdeen. Various other works may be seen via this blog: http://h-j-linklater-abbott.tumblr.com/


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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