E.A.M. Harris

Difficulties on the Thought-trail

Today’s lecture was smoky-glass obscure;
every other word turned its back
on meaning and said things for the swear-box.

As you strode your lone track, we stuck
at the first way-mark, peering through more undergrowth
than a virgin forest, and fidgeted.

You handed out some Ariadne thread
in the form of notes, but too staccato
for the average mind to follow,

and we are too average to navigate
a fading trail of mist and shadow.
We filed the thread and made our own notes.

Your mind pictured clarity, speckled
with fairy dust of novelty. We felt
privileged to only comprehend
the other side of the lunch bell.

Copyright © E. A. M. Harris 2017

E. A. M. Harris has been writing for some years and several of her poems and stories have appeared in print and online magazines and anthologies. She blogs at http://eamharris.com/ and tweets as E A M Harris @Eah1E.


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