Ken Cumberlidge

Night Watch

Slow of pulse and steady-purposed
in the darknesses behind stark-moonlit sheds,
the lee of mossy walls —

in stealths of ground mist,
corded woodstores,
eaves of hoarfrost-crystalled rooves —

antennaed, tuned, alive at every sense
to the parentheses that breathe between
chill owl-hoot; harsh-stricken vixen call —

lie, covert all,
the overlooked, unreckoned-with, unshown,
keeping Winter’s night watch

that you might stand, as you do now:
stamping, coughing, blowing on your hands,
and think yourself alone.

Copyright © Ken Cumberlidge 2017

Birkenhead-born recovering actor Ken Cumberlidge has been writing poetry, songs and stories on and off for 40+ years, during which his work has appeared variously in print and, more recently, online (Algebra of Owls / Ink, Sweat & Tears / Snakeskin).  Since 2011 he’s been based in Norwich, where he can be seen muttering and gesticulating in the company of an embarrassed-looking dog.  Don’t worry – the dog’s fine.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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