Maureen Weldon and Paul Beech


This bridge where the Bandon River flows
Dad and I stood regularly
on our way home after his fishing.

A yellow moon, fat or just a sliver,
seemed to waltz to the music of night;
across the watery mud flats
where loud night-birds called their dance.

Here Dad said his forecast,
‘A halo round the moon means rain,
good fishing weather tomorrow.’

Now, only in the beauty of a memory,
that salt soft air
where mists rise like sylphs.

Copyright © Maureen Weldon 2017


Childish maybe
yet of a life without you
I waited for spring.
Now the teapot a spout
the saucepan a handle.

A billy-can boy
I yearned for love and more
my best brews in vain.
Together now, snowdrops out,
through our teapot spout I pour.

Copyright © Maureen Weldon and Paul Beech 2017

Maureen Weldon is Irish. Lives on her hill in N. Wales with her partner Paul Beech. She represented Wales at Ukraine’s International Terra Poetica Poetry Festival 2014. Her latest poetry collection ‘Midnight Robin’ was published by ‘Poetry Space Ltd.’


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