Katerina Neocleous


A boy picks wishes
on the edge of the car-park,
a strip of ragwort and thistles
rising from gravel and turf
carved by tyre tracks.

He is not playing –
covered in its silky fibres
he harvests thistledown
with a sense of purpose
well beyond his years.

Balling it into his fist
he can feel his pulse
beating through it
like it’s a living thing;
able to grant his only wish.

He extricates a crumpled
seed from the rest
and blows it
away from his hand
with a pensive breath.

It rises askew, then drifts
meandering in a tangle
like a daddy-long-legs;
loitering in the boy’s
lengthening shadow.

A car backfires,
the grey sky condenses
into a barn owl
quartering the heath.
The boy turns back.

Copyright © Katerina Neocleous 2017

Katerina Neocleous is a poet and home educator, settled in North West England. Her poetry has been published in various journals, most recently Clear Poetry, Obsessed With Pipework, and The Dawntreader. To see more, please visit laurelsofrain.wordpress.com


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3 Responses to Katerina Neocleous

  1. D,G, Geis says:

    A beautiful piece.

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