Frederick Pollack


The angel has the impression
that if he stays in one place
on the street a safe
will fall and crush him, so he constantly
shuffles, forward, sideways. Awareness
that he can’t be hurt, by however
many tons, has somehow gone,
as well as the skill to be anywhere
at will. Invisible now less
because of rarefied spiritual
substance than general rattiness, he tries
to love, protect, comfort. But there are
so many of them! So vivid! And they move
so fast! It isn’t that I’ve forgotten
(he assures that inner tweet
which is God) what love is,
what You are, only how to plug it in. Herding
him along, a cop realizes
after weeks of worry where to
move that extra kilo
from the bust on 18th. A bishop
sees how with little strain or
bad press to acquire the rest of his block.
And here and there like stars in that surge
of pedestrians comes the knowledge
what else to pawn.

Copyright © Frederick Pollack 2017

Author of two book-length narrative poems, THE ADVENTURE and HAPPINESS (Story Line Press), and a collection, A POVERTY OF WORDS (Prolific Press). Another collection, LANDSCAPE WITH MUTANT, to be published in 2018 by Smokestack Books (UK).


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