The Open Mouse

Peter Magliocco


Playing It By Ear

Vincent, look at your hip-hop imitators
in disenthralled abandon
entrancing your vision with

starry nights of old
before the boob tube reruns
Game of Thorns again

Probiotic death’s-head moths
scurry thru time’s twisted gut
& botched brainpan

courtesy of big pharma, Inc.
(“thank you, please, bitch … )
as the resident artists whine tonight

About the decline of moral vision
while abusing their kids
& nearly getting away with it,

sing a song of pencils scrawling
new Nature’s cataract orb
as the curators steal your oils

& sell them at insane prices
to the ghoulish art bankers
fleecing the cryptic-culture-goers

street waifs run like devils from,
while their screams become music
to the severed ears of dead saints

Copyright © Peter Magliocco 2017

–Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he occasionally edits the lit-zine ART:MAG. He has recent poetry in MIDNIGHT LANE BOUTIQUE, THE FIVE-TWO, HARBINGER ASYLUM, DEGENERATE LITERATURE, POETRY LIFE & TIMES, and elsewhere. His neo-speculative novel The Burgher of Virtual Eden was recently released as an ebook available in all the usual places.