Ricky Garni


If you were a bird, and your baby hatched was an alligator, what would you do?
Of course you would love it and feed it and care for it and try to make sure it didn’t
consume you when it was hungry or feeling frisky. But eventually your sweet alligator

would get too big for the nest, then – what would you do? Well, that’s easy! You would
make sure that your nest was in a tree overlooking a large pond into which the alligator

could one day fall and live a happy life eating things that weren’t you.
And more things and things and things and things. None of which were you.
Although they might seem like you in a way. Or actually, be you.
This is an alligator, naturally, and things happen, and it’s never
anybody’s “fault.” Don’t worry. You’ll get over it.
We all do.

Copyright © Ricky Garni 2017

Ricky Garni grew up in Miami and Maine. He works as a graphic designer by day and writes music by night. COO, a tiny collection of short prose printed on college lined paper with found materials such as coins, stamps and baseball cards, was recently released by Bitterzoet Press.‎


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