The Open Mouse

Suzy Aspley


The Shore

Tattered flags flap gently in a North Sea breeze.

The mighty North Sea.

Early fishermen shoulder rods and buckets full of ripe smelling bait.

A tractor harrows sand neatly in rows.

Diesel fumes whipped away in the salted wind.

Children dig for treasure and gather shells with plastic buckets and spades.

Later emptying pockets of small change into slot machines

Before chips and ice cream at Minchella’s.

Dogs gallop their joy on golden sands. Water laps the shore.

The red Groyne lighthouse standing proud on the pier.

Watching the Kobenhavn ferry.

My grandad’s favourite place.

Copyright © Suzy Aspley 2017

Suzy’s a former journalist originally from the North-east of England, but has been in Scotland for more than 20 years.  Now living in the beautiful Trossachs, she’s writing short stories and has started a novel based in her local area. Her day job is in NHS communications.