The Open Mouse

Stefanie Bennett




No one lives here any more, so how
is it you found me
slap-happily accosted by chores?

Yes, it’s the Sabbath, and dare
I objurgate your
Sunday best’s just too solemn

for my taste. Wise up. The young
could do with a good rumble – just
ask that

punk berating parrot how Homeric
underpinnings took flight
the day I evened old scores…

But why not cut
to the crux
of the crime. Ah!

Mentoring is narcissism’s
elixir. Naturally I’ll
give it spin, only next time

send me a newborn.

Copyright © Stefanie Bennett 2017

Stefanie Bennett has published several volumes of poetry, a novel, & a libretto.
Her latest poetry title ‘The Vanishing’ is available from Walleah Press.