Catherine Eunson

Time’s brief

To rearrange and redesign
all the small sand –
each separate grain
to be included.

Terms and progress of this fundamental contract
will remain under constant review
and multiple results from consultative testings
will become available twice daily
via regular shoreline downloaders
hence ensuring public access.

Project partners must additionally achieve
a concomitant dissemination
of this reassurance:

though waves buffet
            and though there is much
            sometimes catastrophic
            all will
            be settled.

Please share.

Copyright © Catherine Eunson 2017

Catherine and her family lived in Benbecula for 20 years, where she also produced music for a CD of Pauline Prior-Pitt’s ‘North Uist Sea Poems’.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Catherine Eunson

  1. finolascott says:

    Cracking ..skilled balacing of language & concepts

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