Linda Atterton

Take Down The Stars

Take down the stars,
They were just fairy lights,
Tell the man upon the moon,
To pack his things and go,
Before it turns to chalk.
Pin the sun to the horizon,
Or let it set,
The minute that it climbs the sky,
Then fall and join the clouds,
That scuttle to the ground,
And pile like snow.
Command the tide to stop the waves,
Just where they are,
And freeze the sea to glass,
The seagulls skate upon.
I wish there was a way,
To stop the room from spinning,
For everything you said,
To just have been a dream,
I tell you later.
Later I will build a world without you,
A day will do for now.

Copyright © Linda Atterton 2017

Linda Atterton is a poet and author who is also a clinical psychologist. You can find  out more about her writing on her website,


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