Finola Scott: Two poems

Local knowledge

I sob
alone in skyscraper canyons
wait for the El, as snow layers.
I’m sub-zero frozen in two hats,
tartan scarf, fists snowballed
in sodden coat pockets. Santa jeers
from the brooch at my throat.
Frost diamond-locks my eyelashes,
the plexiglass shelter brazens its lie.

I want to fall at the fire burning
beside the signals on the platform.
I want to be home.

A switch is flicked, heat lamps flame
above our heads. My cheeks flare.
In a marshmallow breath-cloud,

a hot chocolate voice
melts the ice,
Visiting for the holidays honey?

Thin ice

I say yes but
not my idea
of grown-up fun   an outdoor ice rink
beery-cheery workers   xmas-released
in santa jumpers  frosty beards
beneath tarted trees    toy-town lights
weak sun     on Rudolph noses

mittened   we skate  tight laced
he pitches low   desire’s offbeat
svelte  racy  padded anorak   he’s not
my usual   but I fancy him  so

let him     take me
on to neon ice-slush
swirl  twirl  kick glide  that beat
my heart hop-flips    resistance melts
his hot leathered hand
presses   passion
my woolly waist   yes  my choice
he can
take me     grown up fun
not my idea
but  I say  yes

Copyright © Finola Scott 2017

Finola Scott likes writing and tickling her grandchildren. Her poems have appeared in Clear Poetry. The Lake, And Other Poems, Coast to Coast and many other places. A Slam-winning granny she read twice this year at the EIBF, as well as performing by candlelight in Rosslyn Chapel.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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1 Response to Finola Scott: Two poems

  1. Ken Cumberlidge says:

    “Thin Ice” – wonderfully vivid, with a great use of rhythm. Economical, not a superfluous syllable in sight. Perfect for performance: I can hear it in my head. 😉

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