Andy Thornton: Two poems

Not Good Today

The child is grumpy,
squirming between sleep and tears.
Her rest under the moon broken
and now day is here.

She slides off a knee,
standing legs braced,
scowling out at the world
defying it to bring her more trouble.

But then collapses
into her Father’s belly
and slips towards that place
where memories are born.

The Silence

She wondered what had happened to the silence
she had heard as a child.
To the mind, calming,
in a wash of noiselessness.

Wondered if she would find again
the silent air
alongside a lapping ocean
or in the heart of a rippling wood.

Silence she remembered
that could be torn apart
by the prehistoric croak
of a passing heron.

Or would it only come again
with the muffled passing of her soul
into the vacuum of infinity?

Copyright © Andy Thornton 2018

Now of an age to have finished paid employment, I’ve had a split working life. First half involved forestry, fencing and gardening. In the second half I was employed teaching practical and creative subjects to students with severe learning difficulties. Currently living in my wife’s home village of Ballachulish.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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