John Short


She’s delivering leaflets again,
urging residents to oust their charlatans
who’ll vote through a bad deal
then claim they had no choice.

The people here are house proud,
they all have pretty porches and loiter
in back rooms until they think she’s gone
then emerge to examine the leaflet.

In her old country they’d be outside
at this hour, chatting, playing backgammon,
sitting on foldaway chairs but here
they do their best to avoid each other.

Cats are the same all over the world
sneaking round and poised on car roofs,
small dogs nip her fingers as she forces
leaflets through the stiff black brush

and occasionally she comes across
an empty house with a pile of letters,
cards and junk mail in the porch;
vacated homes to skip and pass on by.

Copyright © John Short 2018

John Short was born in Liverpool, went to Leeds university to study religion and then spent a long time in southern Europe. Recently published in Ink Sweat and Tears and Prole, he reads at venues around Liverpool.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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