Sunita Thind

The Barging ‘Buddhi’

I used to sink into my Buddhi’s cinnamon and homely bosom.
This barging Buddhi permitted some unwitting pedestrian to pass on the way to the shops.
Meera dhaal kaani’ she would utter.
‘I want to eat lentil curry’ in Panjabi.
I toyed with bright yellow Indian gold chain. This fattening and gilded snake.
This barging Buddhi cuts down a five year old cherub on a bike on her way to her daughters house.
Tu see history khidi’ she would squawk at me.
‘You will do some ironing’ in Panjabi
Slathering greasy coconut hair in my inky black plait, that swishes from side to side.
This barging buddhi railroads a gawkish teenage off her skateboard while sweeping the front pavement.
Languishing in in a silky salwar kameez.
Tattooed with vermillion forehead.
This barging Buddhi shoved a misshapen shopper.
‘Meera paani peeni’ she mouthed.
‘I want to drink water’ in Panjabi.
This barging Buddhi ladens an embellished chuni on my head before we both proceed to the Gudawara.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh’ she prays.
A Sikh prayer.
This barging Buddhi-is not so barging so much. This grandma of mine.

Copyright © Sunita Thind 2018
Buddhi – eldery lady – affectionate name I gave my Panjabi -Indian Grandma
salwar kameez – Indian women’s suit
chuni  – headscarf
Gudawara – Sikh temple


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