Hamish Scott

I the leibrarie


Whan yung at streek o day A ran
an ainlie een wis windaes saw;
nou auld an tae the leibrarie
the hail toun sees me traivel slaw

But in the leibrarie A fin
thare’s nane tae ithers’ raik that leuks
for e’en the festest driddles here
while vizzyin an walin beuks


A’v aften set ma harns asteep
but o sic things A’v little spak
while maiters smaa sum gabbit sae
wi oniebodie free tae crack

But in the leibrarie A fin
thare’s few that speaks an little says,
sae ill tae ken hou deep the thochts
o thaim that quait aboot it gaes


A’v hid sum threips wi twa-three fowk
whar yit A’v hankert tho we gree
that ithers michtna ken ma thocht
that feart for whit the efterins be

But in its beuks the leibrarie
hauds aa the thocht thare is tae pen;
presentin thaim no doutsumlie
but furthilie for aa tae ken

Copyright © Hamish Scott 2018

Hamish Scott’s latest poetry collection is Tuk-tuks.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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