Roderick Manson

The Fiddle Tree

The north wind sings
in the webs of spiders,
a semitone sharp
in the arctic chill.

The east wind sings
in the grey plainsong
of slate-holy roofs
on winter churches.

The south wind sings
in the weaving strands
of summer heat-haze
and the birchwood’s lilt.

The west wind sings
of the open sea
and the high hills
in the open heart
of the fiddle tree.

Copyright © Roderick Manson 2018

On his way home from a creative writing class at Dundee University run by the wonderful (and very tolerant) Esther Read, Roderick Manson heard a recording of Michael Marra’s “ Niel Gow’s Apprentice” on the radio (or maybe it was on a CD).  Anyway, once home in Blairgowrie, he wrote this, ably assisted by a large black cat trying to walk on the keyboard.


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