Arlene Antoinette

On Bended Knees

Memory plays
Hide and seek
With your history
Making today
Rearranging yesterday
Into the present

Sanity wants in on the fun
So he uses and abuses you at will
You dress yourself,
A green sock on one foot
A white sock on the other
Left foot in bedroom slippers
Right foot in red pumps

Hunger takes a back seat
To them both
With no memory
Or appetite
Meals consist
Of stale cream crackers
And moldy cheese

Whispers begin
Is grandma okay?
But you don’t hear them
You’re frantic
Searching for your little boy,
Who is now a fifty year old man
Married with three sons
And a daughter of his own

You call the police,
Report a missing child,
Knock on your neighbor’s door
Ask if they’ve seen Davey
Return home
Blame yourself for him running away
Get on your knees
And pray that God will keep him safe.

Copyright © Arlene Antoinette 2018

Arlene Antoinette writes poetry from a broken down folding table which motivates her to keep things brief and a bit off-centered. Additional poetry may be found online in such places as: Sick Lit Magazine, Boston Accent Lit, The Ginger Collect, The Feminine Collective, Foxglove Journal and GirlSense and NonSense.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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1 Response to Arlene Antoinette

  1. Ion Corcos says:

    The images are sharp and painful at the same time. Very sad. Congratulations, Toni.

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