George Robertson


‘It’s a family heirloom’, ma mother said
She never explained an Ah didnae spier
it has lain forgotten for mony a year
in a shoe box o keepsakes alow ma bed.

‘Fits been discovered’, ye micht be winderin
‘A tea towel’, quoth I, but ane that’s historic
wi woven-in wirds that’s maist in the Doric
scenes frae poesy, a patchwork meanderin.

This linen legacy has been hand woven
folded uniquely tae mak it attractive
when Ah opened it oot, ma thochts were reactive
for here’s a masterpiece that Ah’ve been give.

It has now been framed and hangs in the stair
an jist naebody kens very muckle aboot it
Ah’ve been on the web, but Etsy concluded
we’ve nithin like that here, so it must be rare.

Ah’m on Scotland’s People and Find My Past
Ah’ll shout it out loud from here tae Longforgan
if my ancestor’s Walter o Bogjorgan
when the missing link’s deciphered at last.

Copyright © George Robertson 2018


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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