This is an index of the poets whose work has been published on The Open Mouse in 2013. Authors without links have not yet appeared.

Angus, Elizabeth: The Buchaille 26/11/2013
Bennett, Jim: The bike ride 15/06/2013
Brown, J.M.: Sunday Morning Opening Time 01/06/2013
Brown, J.M.: Alter Ego 02/10/2013
Burkhill, Nicola: Honeymoon in Govan 17/06/2013
Burnett, Ann: Woman in a Burka 10/09/2013
Cadwallender, Kevin: Two poems 10/07/2013
Cave, Madeleine: Gathered Together 14/09/2013
Chatterjee, Kanchan: a moment 04/09/2013
Chhetri, Nabin: Fire 24/11/2013
Clark Sara: A Lone Girl’s Song 10/10/2013
Clark, Thomas: Waterside 30/09/2013
Coldwell, David: Apple Trees 16/11/2013
Colovic, Dusan: In Stone 11/08/2013
Connelly, Daniel: And Lo… 21/05/2013
Corcoran, Josephine: House 08/10/2013
Crook, Seth: Naming of the Hills 30/05/2013
Dalgleish, Andrew: The Rum gentlemen 18/05/2013
Dawson, Mary: Sunday Worship 30/06/2013
Devitt, Maurice: Black Soutaine 24/06/2013
Devitt, Maurice: A lifetime in Aleppo 05/12/2013
Dunford, Anne: Two poems 16/05/2013
Dunford, Anne: Ironing Nellie’s Hankie 12/11/2013
Engler, Robert Klein: Catullus Carmina # 5 31/08/2013
Faulkner, Jules: The Crow Road 22/06/2013
Forster, Imogen: Road by the sea 22/11/2013
France, Angela: Two poems 20/07/2013
Gallagher, Dorothy: Quietly So 18/09/2013
Garni, Ricky: What does a mosquito sound like in August 06/09/2013
Graham, Hilary: Passing Cape Horn 30/11/2013
Hamilton, Victoria: Match Day 09/08/2013
Heyworth, C.J.: Eternal Sunset 05/10/2013
Hunter, Andrew: prey 04/06/2013
iDrew: iHate 02/09/2013
Irvine, John: Address is Approximate (Copenhagen) 12/09/2013
Johnstone, Brian: Two poems 09/12/2013
Jones, Russell: The First Kiss 14/11/2013
Kelsey, Victoria: Two poems 26/09/2013
Khursheed, Bridget: Thoughts on an oatcake 17/08/2013
Leck, Jax: My Beautiful Pedes 23/05/2013
Leck, Jax: Nightdreams 29/08/2013
Lennon, Kevin: ylang ylang 06/07/2013
Logue, Mike: Autumn into Winter 26/07/2013
Logue, Mike: Heavy Days 04/10/2013
Logue, Mike: Les Feuilles Mortes 16/12/2013
Love, Rowena M.: Two poems 12/07/2013
Magennis, Nikki: Living in the Lion’s Belly 27/08/2013
McGill, Michael: Quiet Man, Front Page 18/12/2013
McGowan, Ashby: Crow 28/11/2013
McIlwain, Bradley: Reunion 20/09/2013
McMillan, Hugh: Two poems 24/07/2013
McNerney, Joan: Night 22/07/2013
Martin, Alec: Two haibun 03/12/2013
Moir, Lyn: All in the Cards 21/08/2013
Murdoch, Jim: Two poems 14/07/2013
Murphy, John: Redshift 16/09/2013
Murray, Ingrid: Two poems 12/12/2013
Nardolilli, Ben: Daylife 10/09/2013
Nichol, Kriss: The Story of my Birthplace 19/08/2013
Nisbet, Robert: Two poems 18/07/2013
Nisbet, Robert: The Old Champion 18/11/2013
O’Hara, Carolyn: Pondside 02/07/2013
Pope, Bethany W.: See Spot Run 23/08/2013
Prew, Gillian: Moment from a landscape 29/07/2013
Reid, Petra: All Things Slim and Beautiful 28/05/2013
Renga: Perfect Pitch 19/06/2013
Renga: this moment under the sun 03/08/2013
Richards, Peter: Go By Train 25/08/2013
Scott, Hamish: Beastie 15/08/2013
Scratchmann, Max: Two Wheeler Bicycle 28/06/2013
Shippin, Roddy: Tempus Repit 08/07/2013
Stanton, Johnni: No Direction 30/07/2013
Stockdale, Edwin: The Specksioneer 28/09/2013
Subacchi, David: Monday Morning 01/08/2013
Sykes, Terence L.: Arc of Ark 13/08/2013
Tarbard, Grant: Two poems 22/09/2013
Taylor, Judith: Two poems 05/08/2013
Van Inman, Clinton: Two poems 04/07/2013
Vlachopoulou, Alexandra: Dancing in the silence 20/12/2013
Walicki, Robert: The moment 16/07/2013
Watt, Stephen: Dishiraq 12/10/2013
Weldon, Maureen: A Birthday Present For Dad 26/06/2013
Williams, Noel: Two poems 07/08/2013
Wood, Phil: Missing the 7.30 05/06/2013
Wright, Dora: Yer Messin wi ma Karma 24/05/2013
Wright, Dora: Hip Hip Hooray 24/09/2013
Znaidi, Ali: Sapphic debris 20/11/2013


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